My thoughts on the idea of “God”

The idea of a God as an entity that can think is the following.

If a God exists, then it must follow the laws of Physics, i.e. he cannot break the rules that we know hold until today. This severely limits an almighty God who can do whatever he wants at will. This also implies that if an entity that can think exists throughout most of the universe, then we could consider the universe as a sort of brain where an equivalent to neurons would be found in galaxies. Unfortunately I believe that such a large brain makes no sense whatsoever, despite having almost no knowledge in neurosciences and how conciousness appears from a stack of neurons. I have read that we’re not even sure that neurons are required nor sufficient for conciousness to appear.

Therefore if God exists, then it has very limited powers and cannot be more than earthly creatures or so, just like we are.


This thinking has at least the following flaws :

  • The laws of Physics as we know them could be broken while we’re not watching and so that we would have no evidence that the laws were broken.
  • The universe mostly contains dark matter, something we’re not really understand well. I don’t think galaxies are its main constituents.

Nevertheless, I still believe that an intelligent God cannot exists.


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